Welcome to Jókalundur – or the Jóka-grove. Jóka was no ordinary troll. She really wasn‘t dangerous at all and it‘s thanks to her we can every day see and admire the beautiful mountain Akrafjall. Are you ready for a recap of the story?

Once upon a time … a long, long, long time ago a lady troll called Jóka lived in Snæfellsnes. As everyone knows there are many magnificent mountains in Snæfellsnes but for some reason those mountains didn‘t manage to impress Jóka – at least not as much as the mountain she had once seen in the south of Iceland. In Jóka‘s opinion the southern mountain was by far the most beautiful mountain in the world – and she desperately wanted to own it. All she could think of was that mountain of hers in the south. All this thinking and yearning made her irritated and restless. One day she decided to take matters into her own hands. She strode off and didn‘t stop until she reached her breathtakingly beautiful mountain. She stood there admiring it for a while before whisking it up onto her back and started walking back home. The walk home was quite tough and a time-consuming task. The massive mountain was heavy – extremely heavy – and when she reached a peninsula called Akranes – day suddenly broke. She hadn‘t realized the time and was so startled by the sunrise she simply threw the mountain down, right there where she stood.   From all the chaos and confusion the mountain broke, thereby creating a valley called Berjadalur – or the Valley of Berries. Jóka immediately turned into stone as all trolls, who don‘t beware of the sun, do – and the only thing left of her is a bump in the mountain called Jókabunga – or the Jóka Bump. This was a story about the troll Jóka and the Akrafjall mountain.  If you´d like to hear from her favourite band you should scan code 12. The band is an all girls drumming band all in 10th grade in Brekkubæjarskóli. You can listen to them play a few beats conducted by Heiðrún Hámundar.