Welcome to the Christmas fun in Garðalundur. This year will be a bit different due to Covid-19, however, we will not let that stop us in helping families make magical moments together in Garðalundur.  There will not be a crowded event as there has been in the last 5 years, yet on November 26th we will turn on Gutti´s lights and a whole magical world will appear, that hopefully everyone can enjoy.  We encourage families to go together to Garðalundur and create their own Christmas fairytail. The forest is full of all sorts of fun items, surprises and in different places you‘ll  find QR-codes that lead to stories, poems and songs that you can listen to. But how do QR-codes work? You begin by opening the camera on your phone. You put the phone up against the code and then a browser opens up and the reading begins.

Here on this website you may find the stories, poems and songs that make the Christmas fun in Garðalundur 2020 because it can be fun/entertaining to listen to again at home.  The Christmas fun will open on December 3rd and stay open until January 6th so it should be easy to find a day/time for a Christmas fairytale in Garðalundur.  We do recommend that you take something to nibble on and take a flashlight and a phone along for exploring and listening to the stories.  We look forward to hearing of your explorations and adventures.  Have fun creating your own Christmas fairytale.